Armas Plastic Hydraulic Control Valves - 600 Series


Armas 600 series valves are the direct diaphragm closing automatic hydraulic control valves which work with line pressure. It ensures easy and smooth flow with minimum pressure losses thanks to excellent design of valve body and diaphragm. No wearable parts such as stem, bearing and seat exist in main valve body, valve life is much longer than other competitor valves. Only movable part of valve is diaphragm. Armas 600 serial hydraulic control valves are designed so that it can be used in potable water force network, agricultural irrigation, fire fighting, filtration, industrial applications by even an unskilled personal.


  • Easy to use and maintenance due to simple design
  • Low cost
  • Operation in wide pressure range
  • Perfect modulation even in lower flow rates
  • Anti-surge closing and opening with flexible diaphragm
  • Full tightness thanks to reinforced diaphragm and inner spring
  • Long life with epoxy-polyester coating
  • Wide control application range by using different pilot valves
  • Operation in both horizontal and vertical positions in application areas


It is automatic hydraulic control valve designed for make desired modulation processes in main valve network line as full hydraulically by means of line pressure without requiring different energy sources such as electric, pneumatic on mechanic energy.

Armas 600 series valve closing mode


When pilot valves connected on main valve transport water pressure in valve upstream to valve actuator (control chamber), water creates a hydraulic power on valve diaphragm. This power formed, by combining with extra power applied by inner spring, ensures that valve will be closed as full tightness.

Armas 600 series valve opening mode


When way of pilot valve located on main valve being in closed position is brought into relief position, pressurized water within control chamber on main valve diaphragm is released. When line pressure (P1) reaches to the value which will overcome spring power, water carries valve to fully open position by applying a hydraulic power to valve diaphragm from bottom.

Armas 500 series modulation mode


Pilot valves which are connected to main valve actuator ensure that main valve works in modulated mode. According to flow rate or pressure conditions, it ensures that main valve works in modulated mode by controlling pressure of fluid within main valve actuator (control chamber).