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Soil Sensors

Soil Moisture Sensor: Innovation For Precision Farming and Irrigation Management

A soil moisture sensor is a device that measures current soil moisture. Sensors integrated into the irrigation system aid in scheduling water supply and distribution much more efficiently

Water is a crucial factor in plant development. That’s why irrigation requires a thoughtful approach, as it should be neither excessive nor insufficient. Soil moisture sensors are extremely useful in determining water levels, considerably facilitating farmers’ efforts and reducing costs.

A soil sensor enables you to schedule irrigation events more efficiently by either increasing or decreasing their frequency and/or intensity, not to wash off valuable nutrients or, on the contrary, leave the plants thirsty. A remote soil moisture sensor empowers agriculturalists to estimate the water levels without the need to be physically present in the field.

Irrigation of crops represents 90% of the water used worldwide. Monitoring soil moisture in the root zone of crops will optimize irrigation. The benefits of optimizing irrigation scheduling with soil moisture sensors includes increasing crop yields, saving water, protecting local water resources from runoff, saving on energy costs, saving on fertilizer costs and increasing the farmer profitability.

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CropX Soil Moisture Sensor

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CropX is the only advanced DIY system in the market for optimizing and automation of farm management and it takes less than 5 minutes to install.

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