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Kingspan Australia

Entering Australia in 2003 was a key milestone in our 40 year, global journey to grow Kingspan from a small Irish family business. We now have a 500-strong Australian workforce who allow us to test the boundaries of innovation and create cutting edge projects.

Innovation - It is our driving force

At Kingspan we're creating the products of the future, today. Innovation is at the heart of every product, every project and every step in the manufacturing process. To get the results we want, we either change the way we make our products, or create new ones. We innovate as we believe that no one should have to choose between efficiency, sustainability, style and safety. The world is rapidly changing, and so are our customers’ needs.

A sustainable future - It is our reach

Kingspan was founded with one vision; to lead the way in creating energy efficient buildings. It’s one thing to promote sustainability, it’s another to set a target that scares you and deliver on it. By 2020 all our energy needs, across all Kingspan sites, will be met through renewable energy. Sustainability is at the core of all our activity in Australia. We have state of the art facilities across Australia for all of our divisions.

Sydney Pavilion to the Perth Arena - We're proud of our projects

We approach every project with a vision – to push the boundaries of innovation. We take inspiration from our surroundings and look at how can make a statement. We are proud that our cutting-edge technologies have helped create some of Australia’s most innovative buildings and open spaces.

Leading the way - To better building

As part of our investment in innovation we want to lead building a better way. We invest our time and talent into understanding how the smallest components can be brought together to build the best. We focus on lifetime value rather than cost, and believe that we can’t put a price on safety. When it comes to fire safety we invest in understanding what part buildings play in protecting lives and property.

Collaborate, invent, impact - The Kingspan Community

Working for Kingspan means working for a global leader. We want to shape the future of construction, not just in Australia, but worldwide. We believe that every person in the Kingspan community can impact and evolve the business. We have 500 team members here in Australia responsible for our world-class projects, our cutting edge technologies, and our business growth. As a Kingspan employee, you may be one of 10,000 people worldwide, but you’re always part of the family.


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