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Mandals AS has a wide range of lay flat hose products including – but not limited to – irrigation hoses, drinking water and well hoses, dewatering hoses, slurry drag hoses, heavy duty transfer hoses, compressed air hoses (Mantex) and of course fire hoses. Product development is highlighted at Mandals, focusing mainly on the area of large dimension heavy-duty polyurethane hoses. The well known MANTEX compressed air hose is an example of our high quality lay flat hose with very high pressure ratings. Another example is the Mandals Mortar, our concrete placement hose with 2500 psi/172 bar burst pressure, designed to meet the very strict ASME requirements.


Mandals AS was established in 1775 under the name Mandals Reberbane. In those days Norway was ruled by Denmark, thus it was the Danish king who approved the establishment of the company. Norway broke free from Denmark in 1814, only to end up in a union with Sweden until 1905. All the while business at Mandals was uninterrupted.

Back in the 18th century the city of Mandal, located at the southern tip of Norway, was a busy international port. All the sailing vessels of course needed lots of ropes, and this was the basis for the foundation of the company. Ropes remained the sole product for almost one hundred and fifty years, and not until 1922 did fire hoses become a supplementary product to the ropes.

The “extrusion through the weave” technology was at first only applying nitrile rubber, but in the 1980’s Mandals also developed hoses extruded with thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). These are much more complicated products, but Mandals has successfully developed this business over time, and has high ambitions in this field.

In 2004, Hans Christiansen – a “grown up” man at 75 years – sold the company to three local investors: The Mosvold family, Rune Iversen  and Øyvind Berntsen.  The old company name “Mandals Reberbane Christiansen & Co. AS” was thus replaced with the internationally known brand name of the company “Mandals”, and a new company logo was developed.

Mandals is now through its first 235 years, and with great respect for the history we are very motivated to go on for another 235. The ambition is to further develop Mandals both in the circular weaving loom area and the lay flat hose area – as of 2008 split into two separate sister companies.

On Sept. 3rd 2012  Fenner PLC, a FTSE 250 company listed on the London Stock Exchange, bought 100% of Mandals AS, including  the subsidiaries Svenska Brandslangfabriken AB and Mandals Technology AS. The acquisition took place through Fenner’s subsidiary Fenner Norway AS.   No organizational or management changes were carried out.  Fenner PLC has a strong global industrial interest combined with strong financial capacity.  We are excited at the possibilities this gives us for further development, both in terms of production processes, raw material expertise, market access and more.

To reach our goals we need to keep the product quality at a high level and to make sure that we have strong relationships with those we serve and live from – our valuable customers.  We also have strong ambitions in establishing new customer relations. So if you need a quality hose product, we look forward to meet the future together with you.


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Travelflex Extra - Travelling Irrigator Layflat Hoses

HOT DEAL!!! BEST PRICE GUARANTEE - EXTRA HIGH pressure travelling irrigator drag hose, nirtile rubber and PVC blended.

Inside Diameter Range
3" (76 mm)
Wall Thickness
3.1 mm
Weight per Meter
1.12 kg
Working Pressure Range
360 psi (25 Bar)
US $19.00 US $25.00
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