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Travelling Irrigator Irrigation Area Rate

This calculator finds the number of irrigated acres per hour, based on lane spacing, and travel speed. Lane spacing is the distance between the pulls on a traveling sprinkler. The travel speed is the rate that the traveling sprinkler is reeled in.

Learn more about the units used on this page.

Traveling Sprinkler Irrigation Area Rate

Lane Spacing:
Travel Speed:
Total Irrigated Acres per Hour:

The Equation

This calculator uses this formula to determine the area irrigated per hour by a traveling sprinkler.

Traveling Sprinkler equation


Width symbol = The width between pulls of the traveling sprinkler (ft)

Speed symbol = The speed that the traveling sprinkler is reeled in (ft/min)

Total irrigated area symbol = Total irrigated area per hour (acres/hr)

Reference: Washington State University